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Legend of pirate gold keeps treasure hunters digging at Fowler’s Bluff

LafitteKing SOURCE Wikimedia Commons Public domain

from (Florida)

By Joey Flechas
Staff writer

Published: Sunday, July 22, 2012 at 6:01 a.m.

Last Modified: Saturday, July 21, 2012 at 11:54 p.m. Video Here

Fowler’s Bluff

A pirate’s curse is afoot, and it could be keeping some valuable booty several feet underground.

Here in this swampy hamlet on the east bank of the Suwannee River, where the air thickens with mosquitoes, a legend of buried treasure is firmly entrenched in local lore.

For years, through many landowners, treasure hunters have tried and failed to come up with the loot they believe was buried by 1800s French privateer Jean Lafitte — some say because such endeavors carry a curse preventing the treasure from being uncovered.

None have dug up the treasure, with the exception of one rumored recovery that may or may not have happened. . . . Read Complete Report



Fowlers Bluff Bar and Grille
Written by; Staff January 15, 2013

The "New Bar" Treasure Camp at the Fowlers Bluff boat ramp is getting some great reviews. My family and friends have visited the restaurant and shop there several times and the food, TV, and WiFi have been great additions to the normally off the grid community. We highly recommend using this establishment and add that it's an excellent change from the previous owner's business philosophy. Go here to read more.

Here's a recent comment from one of our viewers.
Location; Gainesville, Suwannee
comment: As I enjoy 2 homes in 2 great communities, I also enjoy the quaintness of Fowlers Bluff. My family and on average 2 other families from Suwannee run up the river each Sunday to eat at the new 'Bar', as I hear it referred to. Yes, they do serve alchohol but also have fabulous food, great service and surprisingly a family atmosphere. We enjoy our ride up the river as 3-4 families spend time together and enjoy each others company and top if off with a great meal. My opinion is that the new restaurant adds to your value not detracts! I never liked the ugly, vacant building falling down from years of non use, how is the new restaurant not better than that? Most fisher folks have their gear, licenses and necessities before they get that far out from civilization, the restaurant owners have noticed a need and answered it. Thank  goodness, we love it!



Fishing Kayaks from NuCanoe
Written by Gary Poyssick on 22 December 2012.

Where the heck did the idea for a fishing kayak come from? In 1971 a young guy living in the sun and surf of California designed and produce his first kayak from a fiberglass mold. The first day he slid it across the sand and into that beautiful blue water, he really had not thought of selling them. He was a high-school graduate on his way to a real life. He didn't think of being one of the top watercraft designers our country – and the paddling and kayak fishing world – has ever known. But Tim Neimler, and the company he started would change modern fishing forever. The first ones he built were made in America. Years later, people are still fishing on his American-made watercraft. Read more...


Made in America, feature company
Jackson Kayaks, video and full story here 
written by, Robert Leffew July, 13, 2012

The Big Tuna Kayak
Jackson Kayaks

Jackson Kayaks are 100% American Made including the smallest detail. While talking to Eric Jackson, owner and founder, at the ICAST sport fishing show in Orlando, I discovered that he has returned a lid on the water bottle he includes with his kayaks because it was made in china. This attention to detail is what makes his company unique and the leader in kayaks for sport and fishing. Win the "Catch the Big Tuna" Sweepstake and get a free Big Tuna Kayak. read more


Fishing Reports, read the full story here


Written by Captain Robert Leffew on July 2, 2012

We were planning on fishing in Homosassa Bay, just off Chassahowiztka Point and Drum Key, but we never made it out to the flats. On the way out Mason Creek, just south of the Homosassa River Channel, we stopped to toss a couple of baits along the oyster beds and small mangrove islands. You never know what you might encounter in the estuary by the Blue and Porpoise Bays, especially with a full moon and an incoming tide ripping through the cuts...


Cedar Key Residents Line Up for Water


The almost 800 residents of this island town lined up Wednesday afternoon to receive a daily ration of 2 gallons per person of drinking water after the Cedar Key Water & Sewer District announced that saltwater intrusion of all three city wells had rendered tap water undrinkable.
The situation — which the water board first became aware of on May 28 — was announced publicly Tuesday in an afternoon emergency water board meeting and later at a regular City Commission meeting.




Light Aircraft Makes Emergency
Landing in  Fowlers Bluff
Written by, Staff
April 28, 2012
The Levy County Sheriff's Office received a call of a reported airplane crash in the Fowlers Bluff area. Shortly after 3 PM Sgt. Danny Turner arrived on the scene and discovered a single engine Cessna upside down and partially blocking the south bound lane on County Road 347.


The investigation revealed that the pilot and two passengers were flying from Marathon and they were in route to Tallahassee.  For unknown reasons the Cessna had total engine failure at an altitude of approximately 2500 feet.  The pilot, Clifford Rydell, 51 made an emergency landing on CR-347 in Fowlers Bluff.

According to Major Evan Sullivan the pilot did a great job landing the plane and very happy that no one was injured. The airplane crash occurred in a very remote area in Levy County and the Watch Commander; Lt. Scott Finnen assisted the couple by taking them to get a rental vehicle.



Fowler's Bluff receiving $2.8M for water system upgrades

By Karen Voyles
Staff writer

Federal officials are handing over $2.8 million to a tiny, unincorporated community along the Suwannee River.

The money is for improvements and upgrades to the 42-year-old Fowler’s Bluff water system at in Levy County.

In a news release, U.S. Department of Agriculture officials said the money is a funding package that will allow the community to have clean drinking water while protecting “A delicate ecosystem along the Suwannee River.”

The current water system was built in 1969, according to the community’s application for the federal money.



Gulf Sturgeon Begin Entering Suwannee
Written by, Staff


Increasing river traffic and lower water levels, which concentrate boats and fish into a smaller area, compounds the problem. In almost all collisions, the victim has been knocked unconscious. In March 2007, Sharon Touchton was riding a jet ski when a sturgeon hit her. A surgeon later reattached three of her fingers severed in that collision, but she lost a fourth and a tooth, suffered skull fractures under her eyes and almost bit off her tongue.

Sharon Touchtons injuries

The hard-plated sturgeon can grow to seven feet in length and weigh as much as 170 pounds. They are notorious for leaping unexpectedly into the air. According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, this acrobatic maneuver sometimes causes them to colliding with boats and passengers. In 2007, nine people were injured in collisions with the large fish, and one man drowned when the boat he was riding in swerved to avoid a flying fish and the man fell into the water, the commission reported.
Sturgeon typically spend eight to nine months in the Suwannee spawning. This Florida river appears to support the largest viable population of these fish.



Treasure Hunters In Fowlers Bluff
Willie Drye in Fowler's Bluff, Florida
for National Geographic News


Treasure hunters digging on a remote bluff overlooking Florida's Suwannee River claim they have found tantalizing evidence that pirate gold might be at the bottom of a muddy, 13-foot (4-meter) hole.

"We've found mahogany wood samples, flecks of gold, and gold all over the diver's dive suit [after diving in the hole]," said Tommy Todd, a St. Petersburg landscaper…

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